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Mohannad is a co-founder and the artist of the game, Anamorphine. He's always been interested in storytelling through design. He particularly enjoys making beautifully imperfect and creepy art. Anamorphine is a challenge to put all of that together in a narrative based surreal experience. He moved alone halfway across the world to Montreal, Canada at the age of 17 to kickstart his passion for Art and 3D.


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A surreal story using unconventional first person game mechanics to navigate and unravel a narrative that is bled into the environments. Without cutscenes or narration, the game challenges players to interpret a story delivered through mechanics and environments. Anamorphine is an independent project being built by Mohannad Al-Khatib and Ramy Daghstan.



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Air Defence Museum

State of Alert is a companion augmented reality app for the revamped outdoor aircraft park. I modeled the helmets after real helmets for the app. They're all detailed yet low enough resolution to run on the iPad2 at +30 FPS.

DH-41-2 HGU-56P RCAF-H-4-1

Just For Laughs

I made the golden coins animation for the Capital One ads for the Just For Laughs comedy festival.



This was a personal project to try to reimagine the Creeper Character from Minecraft in a more realistic form. Trying to adapt familiar mammal anatomy into the form awkward form of the original low res character. It ended up being featured in the Machinema Live Action Short film series Minecraft Day Two.

creeper 1

Bee Bot

This model was made during the Game Artisans 3D Weekend Jam. My teammate Anthony Fong and I [team Black Moustache] won First place. The character was developed from scratch in less than two days.


The theme was Mini Distructo Bot with an environment. The total poly limit was 8,000 tris and one 1024 sheet for the different textures [Diffuse, Specular, normal, etc..]


I worked on Posing, Rendering, and Compositing. Also did half of the Concept, Modeling, and Texturing.

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Underground Worker

This Character is a city worker that lives and works in an Underground city that used to be a failed sociopolitical experiment before the new city, Fourth, was built on top of it. He is meant to be obnoxious and miserable, yet not offensive [he wouldn't attack the player unless agitated]


The process started with a high resolution concept sculpt [the beginning of which can be seen in the time lapse video]. Once the concept sculpt was finalized, it was retopologized in Maya. Then UV mapped in UV Layout. Then Normal, Occlusion, and Cavity maps where generated in xNormal. Then it was textured in ZBrush, Photoshop, Bodypaint.


The game uses an engine developed by CCGD members [Ramy Daghstani and Alexis Morin] based on Ogre 3D. The model needed to have a very low poly count. However, if needed, high resolution version can be reacted using the retopology tools in Maya and texture reproject tools in xNormal.

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SAT Game Concept

These 3D models were made for a game to be played at the La Société des arts technologiques [SAT] using the Statosphere [an immersive spherical projection environment]. It is a physics based puzzle platformer.


The art style revolves around spheres/pearls with golden elements. The player controls the Avatar to move the weights around to solve puzzles.

Arch Avatar 1

Prophet of War

Using special effects techniques, this digital sculpture was added into a live action scene. The sculpture is about world view conflict and identity. The sculpture is an attempt to deal with my origin as a Palestinian, from which I've been so detached, while keeping it open and nonexclusive to the Palestinian issues.


The warrior figure is stabbed in the back by a root that has a flag, the symbol of nobility. The flag's identity has been covered with blood and dirt it is no longer identifiable or memorable. The warrior holds a severed hand that resembles failed attempts for peace or a memory of a brother that was killed by the same force that is breaking the concrete post he is on threatening his stability.


The figure himself is worn out and isolated with the gas mask, he is holding the gun to keep him with hand away from the trigger.

Prophet of War

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Surreal Concepts

These Concept sculptures were made for a personal project in development with CCGD members to create concise game with UDK.


The project is an experimental game using alternative interactions with player's perception instead of the classical pushing of buttons. These ideas were explored by attempting to tell the narrative through the environment design and the player's perception of space. The narrative progresses through space instead of time.


These concepts were also a personal challenge to see if I can maintain the basic forms and functions in living organic manner. They are also an attempt to tell stories of characters/object through their design. Characters with deep complex personalities instead of the common one dimensional, black and white, good and evil personalities.

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Motion Design

These are Motion Design projects I did for Gameloft. I was responsible for making the title animations for these trailers. My work in each video is listed in the title of the video.

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The Victoriantor

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The Victorianator is an iOS game that can be easily described as Guitar Hero with Victorian poetry, physical gestures, and voice modification.


The game takes place within a Victorian Steam punk book. I am the Artist of the project and was responsible for designing and producing all 2D and 3D visuals of the game.


Check the site or more Info about the Victorianator

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Physical Sculptures

Life: Is a 3' tall wooden sculpture, It was originally digitally created in 3D and sliced. Those slices were milled out of plywood sheets, then they were stacked together, sanded and painted.


Diseased and Eyeless: are Ceramic sculptures. They were bisque fired then painted by hand.


Pillow: is a ceramic sculpture, it was bisque fired then Raku glazed and fired to achieve the cracking effect.


Wax sculptures: Those are abstract experimental sculptures made by dropping molten wax into cold water and manipulated to achieved the different effects.


All photos were taken by Raphael Titsworth-Morin.

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These are some of my programming projects:


Lsystem Structure Generator, is a MEL script that generates custom structures based on L-system patterns.


Minesweeper is coded in Processing/Java. It is the classic Minesweeper with added visual flair.

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